Women’s National Book Association

The WNBA: Connecting, educating, advocating and leading since 1917!

The Women’s National Book Association was established in 1917 and will be celebrating the organization’s centennial in 2017 with a series of literary events nationwide, a publication celebrating the history of women in the world of books, a list of 100 essential books by women authors, and a grant to a non-profit literacy organization—culminating in a gala celebration in October 2017 where the next WNBA Award winner will be honored.

The WNBA is a vibrant, broad-based non-profit with 11 active chapters and over 800 members across the country, three distinguished national awards, and a history of lively events in chapter cities and elsewhere. The exciting calendar of events will be announced in the coming weeks.



The Women’s National Book Association is pleased to announce our new executive officers for 2016-2018! The new executive committee will be leading the organization into the future as we celebrate our 100th year in October of 2017. The new executive officers are:

Jane Kinney Denning – Executive Director of Internships and Corporate Outreach for the MS in Publishing program at Pace University and the immediate past-president of the NYC Chapter of the WNBA.

Our Co-Vice Presidents:  
Rachelle Yousuf – Membership Assistant at PEN Center USA and the current president of the WNBA, Los Angeles Chapter.
Sarah “Bebe” Brechner Holds a MLIS degree in library and information sciences and works at ProQuest LLC. She has served as the Nashville Chapter President and in other board positions at both the local and national levels.

Our Recording Secretary: 
Michelle Putnik – Published author, screenwriter, public speaker she is also the founder and current president of the WNBA, South Florida Chapter.

Our Treasurer:  
Nicole Pilo –  Charlotte, SC chapter member and Financial Strategist at Consolidated Planning where she is dedicated to helping people to achieve their financial goals.

Valerie Tomaselli, former WNBA National and NYC President, moves from the executive committee to continue as the Centennial Planning Committee Chair and Carin Siegfried, immediate past president, will move to chair the fundraising efforts for the Centennial.

WNBA National Board Meeting, San Francisco, June 2016

WNBA National Board Meeting, San Francisco, June 2016, Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts