WNBA National Directory

A Centennial Project: The New National Directory!

This is a customized upgrade that allows each WNBA active member to update her member profile with public and private displays. 

It’s searchable by name, chapter, expertise, and genre.

Please click here to test drive:



Did you know that as a member of the WNBA you have access to the national directory? You do! You also have a profile that you can edit and update on your own! As we head into the new year, take a look at the directory to make sure your profile is up-to-date so you can connect with the large network of members available to you through this resource.  


Accessing the Directory:      
To go directly to the directory page, click here.   
1. Go to the National Website at: http://www.wnba-books.org
2. Click on “Directory” in the Menu bar.
3. Click on “Directory Login” to gain access to the full directory. (If you don’t know your password, just click on “Retrieve your password.” You will be prompted to enter your email address and then a reset password link will be sent to you.)
4. After you login, you will be directed back to the Directory page, where you can search by member name, click on a specific WNBA chapter, or view your own profile.  
Updating Your Profile:
1. On the Directory page, click on “View My Profile.”  
2. Scroll to the bottom of your profile and click on “Edit Profile.”  
3. Go through the fields and make edits as you wish. Be sure to click “Update Profile” to save your changes.  
4. If you’d like to update or add a profile image, click on “Update Profile Image” at the bottom of your profile page. Then upload a picture file and select the cropped area you would like to feature. Once you’ve cropped your photo as you like, click “Save Image” and you’re all set!  
If you have any questions about membership or the national directory, please contact Beth Frerking, National Membership Chair: info@wnba-books.org