Were You at WNBA-SF Chapter's Holiday Meeting?

WNBA SF Chapter Members and Friends

WNBA SF Chapter Members and Friends

Gracious host & hostess Michael Larsen & Elizabeth Pomada

Christmas lights Victorian home with books and books and books

WNBA members and friends, share nosh, click glasses.

Treasurer Christopher Payne represents executive board President Lynn Henriksen, Vice President Allegra Harris, Secretary Sara Videtto, and Immediate Past President Mary Knippel.

Shulamit Sofia, Linda Joy Myers, Verna Dreisbach had to leave before book exchange.  So did Chris.

Warmed by friendships, old, new.

The Honorable Teresa Cox represents her cousin Effie Lee Morris whom we miss so much.  Adele Horwitz reads the tribute that she, Elizabeth and Michael wrote for WNBA Bookwoman.

Round of introductions and book exchange:
Zoe FitzGerald Carter; Patricia Tavenner; Joan Gelfand; Ricky Weisbroth; Dana Smith; Tonya Egan Gibson; Teresa Cox; Elisa Southard; Jane Glendinning; Pat and Larry; Felicity Wright; Carol Sheldon; Elaine Elinson; Victoria Zackheim; Adele Horwitz; Teresa LeYung Ryan; Michael & Elizabeth.
Circulate the card for our Vicki Weiland.  Send good thoughts to everyone who couldn’t attend.

Looking forward to January 30, 2010 when Mary Knippel will lead us in:

Decide, Declare, Design

Your Writing Life for 2010!


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