Support WNBA-SF members at LitQuake Oct 11th

WNBA and LitQuake Oct 11th 2008

Come out and support WNBA authors who will participating in LitQuake this year: On the LitCrawl,

Saturday October 11th:

Six WNBA authors will participate:

Forest Books, 3080 16th Street – 6PM
Finding Spirit in Everyday Life: Inspired, Enraged, and Even Funny, These Voices Invoke Third Millennium Spirituality Sera Beak, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Joan Gelfand, Marc Lesser, Margaret Murray, Naomi Rose Emcee: Paula Hendricks

Paréa Wine Bar, 795 Valencia Street 7:15 PM
The Women’s National Book Association Turns on the Lights 21 and over Lucille Lang Day, Alice Fried, Christopher Gortner, Connie Post Emcee: Elisa Southard

Litquake website –
WNBA authors who have a new book in 2009 will be considered for the Litquake WNBA reading for next year.

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