Submissions Guidelines for WNBA-SF Chapter Blog Post

Simona Carini

Simona Carini

Simona Carini, Editor, WNBA SF Chapter Blog

The Women’s National Book Association San Francisco Chapter is committed to promoting literacy and to supporting the role of women in the world of the book. Our blog posts reflect that mission in that we look for: tips from book women (authors, editors, booksellers, publishers, agents, librarians, publicists) trends in the literary community, grouped/themed book reviews, literacy and literary events hosted by or recommended by WNBA.

We do not accept nor post individual promotions whether they be for books, contests, events, or any items for which there is a payment of any kind involved. 

Posts are generally no more than 700 words and can include graphics, photos, and active links for further information, proofread and in blog format: single spaced, double spaced between paragraphs.

Please contact the blog editor at: with any questions and/or your submissions.

Thank you!