Sell Your Book at Pitch-O-Rama 2019!


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Here’s what people are saying about the last Pitch-O-Rama:

“You never know what might happen when you pitch your writing project to an agent or editor at the Women’s National Book Association-San Francisco Chapter’s Pitch-O-Rama! The event’s format is well organized. I was fortunate to be able to hone and refine my presentation by attending a pre-pitch coaching session with an expert. The chance to get feedback on your writing project by Bay Area agents or acquisition editors in such a supportive environment is not to be missed. I left the event with a contract offer from an agent as well as positive feedback from all the editors I spoke to. Many thanks for the hard work and efforts that the San Francisco Chapter members bring to this event for all who attend.”

Scene from Pitch-O-Rama 2015 “Such a great event–never thought I could get so much out of a single morning. This was my first time ever speaking to an agent, and the mentoring session at the beginning of the day helped take away the ‘OMG I don’t know what I’m doing’ state of mind. Pre-pitch coaching was amazing—it really helped me feel far more confident—I am an experienced public speaker, but that counts for fairly little if you don’t know what the expectations are. The coaching helped us understand how to word our pitches so we could communicate what the agents wanted to know clearly and effectively. I was able to talk to 4 agents—and three of them asked for queries.

“This was my first pitching experience and I’m SO glad I participated. The pitch prep session was excellent. My coach was high energy, motivating, and offered great feedback on the pitches offered by members of my group.  It helped me refocus and tighten my pitch. I spoke with five pitch-takers. Two invited me to send a synopsis and opening chapters, which was very encouraging.

“It was great getting coaching from the WNBA and meeting with agents, getting their feedback — especially at a reasonable price! I got a lot of great insights about my genre and how to sell it.”

Scene from Pitch-O-Rama 2015 “The simultaneous exposure to a variety of agents and pitching coaches was very useful, it was helpful to have so many points of view accessible in one room. It was great that the pitching coaches continued to circulate during the event.

“The chance to speak intimately with agents, publishers, and editors in an intimate setting. I also enjoyed meeting other writers.”

“I really liked the pre-pitch session. Hearing other people’s pitches helps me hone my own. Plus, people were so very helpful, even the agents/publishers who didn’t accept queries from my genre. Very supportive/non-competitive group! Thank you for putting it on!”

The pleasant atmosphere that provided an initial coaching session to get into the proper frame of mind, and then the possibility of speaking for 6 minutes with our agents of interest was valuable. This amount of time felt adequate for the agent to gain a proper perspective on the writer, and also for the writer to feel out the agent.”

Scene from Pitch-O-Rama 2015 “The professional feedback, on all levels about which of my ideas is viable, and what publishers expect and want. I appreciated how open the agents were to talking with me, even though my projects are not 100% completed.

“Being able to speak with real live agents, editors and publishers. They were all so kind and generous.”

“Facing one on one on how agents/others reacted to my pitch and its weaknesses. I gained so much. One intern tore my pitch apart (graciously) and within 30 seconds re-organized what had taken months/years to assemble. She was right. I was thrilled. I am so much closer to ‘the perfect pitch.’ Pre-coaching was excellent. All of it broke down useless preconceived notions.”



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