Same Place–Different Methods: Linda Loveland Reid and Rayme Waters

Catharine Bramkamp

Catharine Bramkamp

Interview by Catharine Bramkamp

Same Place–Different Methods: 
Linda Loveland Reid and Rayme Waters

Both Rayme Waters, author of THE ANGELS’ SHARE, and Linda Loveland Reid, author of SOMETHING IN STONE, share the same setting, Sonoma County, but their writing process and publication paths were quite different.  

Linda Loveland Reid

Linda Loveland Reid

Linda began SOMETHING IN STONE with “great enthusiasm” up until it all petered out at 20,000 words. The only thing to do was begin over again, and instead of writing about her childhood friends specifically, she invented new people who had new issues. “This freed me to write in any direction, using just the “feel” from being part of group of women who have shared a lifetime, love/hate relationship. I mean, you can’t go back and order up a new set of grammar school friends.”

THE ANGELS’ SHARE began as a story about a family who owned a San Francisco hotel, but as Rayme Waters describes, “Cinnamon’s story really took over and became the novel’s heart. Agents and publishers whom I showed the early manuscript to wanted less hotel and more Cinnamon and I found it relatively easy to comply–at some points it was like she was leaning over my shoulder telling me what to write.”  

Since publishing has increasingly become more a personal decision, both authors approached publishing in her own way. Linda chose self-publishing because “It’s easier and faster. Having breached into the ’70s, I no longer have patience for one and one-half years to get an agent, one and one-half years for the agent to place the book, and another one and one-half years for the publisher to put the work out. Even with small publishers that don’t require an agent, the constraints placed on the author can be weighed against the freedom of selling your own work, and you make more money from sales. Of course, that is the key, ‘When you do sell?’ Having a traditionally published book still carries weight with bookstores and the general public. Money wise, this is not a get-rich-quick business!”

Rayme Waters

Rayme Waters

Rayme focused on the traditional route sending out queries to agents even before the book was completed. “After a long hunt, Andy Ross, an agent in Oakland, loved the novel and picked me up. He had a few minor edits he thought important. I made the changes and he began to market it to traditional publishers, mostly in New York. After much back and forth with Harper Collins, the novel ended up at a very small, new press called Winter Goose based in Sacramento.”

No matter how the books get into reader’s hands, Linda said it best, “The idea that my words might touch someone, help them to understand themselves or another a little better…well, I’m one lucky person.” 

Linda Loveland Reid and Rayme Waters are members of San Francisco Chapter, WNBA, and will be reading at the Sonoma County Book Festival on September 21, 2013, from SOMETHING IN STONE  and THE ANGELS’ SHARE. Click here for more information.  Books will be for sale and for signing!  


  1. It was fun answering Catharine’s probing questions for this interview, which surprisingly also gave me some new insight to my own book. I highly recommend Rayme Waters book that I just finished reading late into the night. Very interesting look into a different life and not for the faint of heart.

  2. What a great interview and with enthusiastic writers like these, looks like the Sonoma Book Festival will be a hit again this year!

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