My Connection between Food and Legacy

Landis-headshotMy Connection between Food and Legacy 

Written by KJ Landis

I came to be a writer, a blogger, a wellness coach, and a passionate motivator, through food. If this sounds a little strange to you, try living through it.

Three and a half years ago, I was an overweight marathon runner, aerobics instructor, and spin instructor. I had joint pain, plantar fasciitis, back aches, high cholesterol, and more complaints about my lack of rest than Lucille Ball (may she rest in peace). I was trying to out run my problems, and I gained weight steadily year in and year out. I was so busy exercising and eating foods to increase pain and inflammation that I could not focus on my real goals in life.

What did I want my unique imprint on the world to be? When I left the earth, what legacy and gifts would I leave behind? I believe that we are energy and we share energy. I truly feel that our energy shifts and morphs, and we have the capacity to share love, joy, and our wisdoms with others here and beyond. I was so wrapped up in food, my shape, and my physicality that I could not see beyond that and get to the real point of my existence. I was stuck. I was middle aged and didn’t know what to do in order to chase after my real dreams in this lifetime.

My turning point came at a low desperate moment of realism, and I had my big WHY whisper the truth in my left ear. Then, with a wellness coach I met by accident (although nothing happens by accident), I found my way back home, to me. After losing 50 pounds of fat in 60 days, I became my most authentic self, my superior self. People began asking me for help. How could I say no? My gifts began to emerge. I began teaching and coaching everywhere!

I then discovered through relentless, non-biased research, anti-cancer healing therapies that are food based. These therapies have been around for more than a hundred years. The irony is, the same foods I was eating for fat loss, vitality, and strength, are found in these therapies. They are outlined in my book, Superior Self: Reaching Superior Health For A Superior Self. In the book I also cover how to build a tribe of support, how to seek inspiration, and where to turn to for motivation while making lifestyle changes for the better.

Remember, my friends, it was not about the food. It was about the legacy, the special imprint I wanted to share with the world when I float away some day. But, I had to clear the air in order to do that. What do you have to do to now in order to create a clean slate for creating your legacy upon the earth? Whatever is holding you back, take a few moments to take stock of that and attend to the tasks that have to be done. Make a list. The time is now. You are reading this. It is a good thing!

SnackFoods Recipe for Flax Crackers, Protein Snacks

Simple and elegant way to snack and get omega 3-6-9 fats balanced in the diet. I eat raw nut butters daily to amp up my raw fats. If you eat peanuts, make sure you roast them because they are actually a legume, not a nut. They need to be processed with heat to keep one from passing gas or having digestive issues. Other tree nuts and nut butters are best raw. Coconut butter is just the meat of the coconut ground up like peanut or almond butter. High, healthy dietary fats keep us full longer and we may not feel cravings for junk food or processed carbs or refined sugar. Try it! See what happens! The creative juices will flow!

One bag Foods Alive raw flax crackers, any variety
Jar of your favorite raw nut butter
Jar of no added sugar preserves
Or cook down your own fruit and add a little xyla and lemon, until thick.
Spread on crackers.

Raw nut butters: Purchase at Whole foods, Trader Joe’s, Andronico’s, or visit my website, “Foods I Live By” page–click description for best prices.

Foods Alive raw flax crackers can be found on my website, “Foods I Live By” page–click description for best prices.


Raw nut butters: whole foods, trader joes, andronicos, or my website, foods i live by page, click description for best prices.

Foods alive raw flax crackers can be found on my website on foods I live by page and link on the description button for the best prices.

Blessings, KJ Landis

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