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Interview by Catharine Bramkamp

In her book, Birthing God, Skylight Paths Publishing, WNBA-SF member Lana Dalberg spent two years recording and now sharing the spirit filled moments of forty women.

“I was sitting in a women’s conference one day when I thought to myself, I have experienced Spirit in my life in deeply meaningful ways, and I would like to hear other women’s spiritual experiences. That very day, I asked for volunteers whom I could interview about their spiritual encounters. My first question invariably was: “Think of a time when you felt the Divine in a palpable way and describe it to me.

The women’s descriptions of these encounters were moving and enlightening. I found that women love sharing from the heart.”

One of the unique features of this collection is how varied the experiences in Spirit are, the stories and beliefs roam over the religious landscape and capture a wealth of faiths from  Christian to women resurrecting the Goddess traditions.

 “For example, Hyun Kyung describes feeling embraced by divine hands while she is being tortured in a South Korean prison. She says, “Despite the horrible pain, I felt very soft and warm hands holding me… Whether I lived or died, I knew that I could not be separated from this great love of God.

“Belvie, when inwardly forewarned of a collapsing structure that would have killed her, reflects, ‘I was profoundly grateful that there’d been this inner urging. It created an awareness that there was Something larger than me that when listened to and honored was protective.'”

Not that publishing is a spiritual path, but it did help Lana to have connections and help from her friends. “I interviewed close to sixty women over a two-year period. Once I felt that I had forty compelling stories in close-to-final form, I researched publishers of spiritual books and sent out a dozen inquiries. I pitched agents and editors at a few literary events and also took a course in self-publishing, just in case.

Eventually, a friend of mine who co-edited a book on women’s spiritual transformative leadership agreed to send my book proposal to her editor at SkyLight Paths Publishing, and they took it on, saying that it was the right fit at the right time. So I can attest that personal contacts make all the difference! I put together a succinct book proposal, but my friend helped it go before a receptive editor.”

Lana commented that when we share our stories, we create space for others to find new ways to think and be. “Women’s spiritual stories often go untold, but they are powerful enough to inspire transformation. They help us to feel connected and empowered with their example.

“Many of the people who’ve read Birthing God tell me that they are deeply moved by the women’s stories. Whether read alone or with others, the book’s stories and meditations facilitate spiritual exploration and open doors into new vistas.”

The idea of helping and sharing even transformed the author. “I am ordinarily a shy person, but proclaiming these women’s powerful stories enables me to channel their ways of embodying the Divine Presence.”

Lana invites contact through her email: BirthingGod [at]

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  1. What a perfect book to read in December and share with friends and family! I’ve been reading chapters, one by one, and finding such diversity of experience and faith. These personal and wide ranging narratives remind me of my dark times when I was discouraged or afraid, when I did sense or hear messages of hope and love.

    • The blessing of this book is that it encourages us to share those times when we have felt encouraged by a deep sense of interconnectedness and love, what some identify as God or the Divine. I think that most women experience these deeply felt moments and it is good to relive them and to share them with others!

  2. Lana’s book has been an inspiration to me, both as a storyteller and a spiritual director. I look forward to giving it as a holiday gift to friends.

  3. Lana is a writer open to transformation, as she says in her interview: “I am ordinarily a shy person, but proclaiming these women’s powerful stories enables me to channel their ways of embodying the Divine Presence.”
    Great interview about a dream that came about through the vision of a very brave woman sister.

  4. This is a powerful, inspiring book that I highly recommend. The stories in the book, based on interviews Lana conducted with 40 women, reveal culturally diverse experiences of the Divine and invite readers to deepen their own spiritual practices. It is so hopeful to see the increasing power of the Divine Feminine in the world as these women name and/or embody Her in their spirituality and social activism.

  5. Jan Sollom-Brotherton says

    I have been able to give Lana’s book to several friends who have found it compelling and deeply moving. One gift this book brings is its format. For those friends who have too much to read and those who don’t read much at all the book gives them an opportunity to read a story one day at a time. It gives each reader a chance to sit with another woman’s story and through the questions and exercises at the end of each story we have a way to live into the story and find our story is connected to the stories of these diverse women.

    In the coming year I like to imagine that this book travels from the hands of individuals into women’s spiritual circles and book groups. In sharing “Birthing God” among our friends we enlarge our circle and join our sisters who have gifted us with their spiritual stories.

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