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Meet WNBA Experts: Roundtable Luncheon

India Clay Oven restaurantMeet WNBA Experts: 
Roundtable Luncheon

January 24, 2016
Noon – 3:00 pm (Sunday)
India Clay Oven Restaurant
2436 Clement Street 
(near 25th Avenue)

San Francisco, CA 94121

$40 WNBA members, $50 non-members, includes buffet luncheonSpace limited to 40 attendees.

Begin the New Year with an exchange of empowering ideas! This is an exciting opportunity for SF Chapter members to learn from other WNBA members who are experienced publishing professionals.

Writers, teachers, editors, agents, librarians, legal and marketing professionals will each host one of six luncheon tables with three rotations of 40 minutes each. Become savvy women and move forward in the world of the book!

Register online and select three experts. We will try to accommodate all choices, but if there is an overwhelming number in one area, we will place you where there’s room—with additional time for informal networking.

Choose from these fantastic WNBA Member Experts: Nina Amir, Betsy Graziani Fasbinder, Brenda Knight, Laurie McLean, Melissa Riley, and Helen Sedwick.

To read more and register, click HERE!

Women's National Book Association San Francisco Chapter

Dear WNBA-SF Members,

Just for you!

SF Chapter is setting a roundtable of WNBA experts, your fellow members, who’ll share their professional knowledge in a most inviting way: a luncheon in a mythical Indian banquet room! This is an intimate, easy way to share expertise within our membership.

Sign up for the January 24th MEET WNBA EXPERTS: ROUNDTABLE AND LUNCHEON and select your top three experts right away. 

To celebrate the holiday season just for you, a private party for members only is set for Thursday, December 10th. You’ll sign up online (soon) to let us know what holiday treat you’re bringing and maybe a guest or two. This is a great way to meet your fellow members and discover the strong literary network within WNBA-SF Chapter. 

Don’t forget to submit your work to the Fourth Annual WNBA Writing Contest: Deadline January 15, 2016.

Join us in December and January for events that will enliven and enlighten! Just for you.

All the best,
Kate Farrell, President
and the WNBA-SF Board of Directors

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WNBA-SF Holiday Party 

It’s time to mix and mingle and make merry!

Thursday, December 10th,
6:00 – 9:00 pm

WNBA-SF members are invited to our annual holiday bash at the lovely home of our WNBA past president, Joan Gelfand.

We’d love to see you there to celebrate your achievements this year and look forward to what you’re planning for 2016.

This is a special potluck, finger food celebration. Please sign up to RSVP and let us know what holiday treat you plan to bring. Once you fill out the form, you’ll receive an email with the address and directions. RSVP form coming soon!

Donation: Please bring an unwrapped book for children, ages 0-5, to support our early literacy program for homeless mothers and children: classic children’s picture books and board books.

Look forward to seeing you there! Space is limited.

Writing Contest FB imageNow accepting submissions through January 15, 2016.
A dynamic organization of women and men in all fields of the literary world, The Women’s National Book Association is accepting submissions for its Annual Writing Contest.
After nearly 100 years celebrating published authors, extraordinary book women and honoring independent bookstores, the WNBA is celebrating emerging writers. Be a part of history!

Fiction: 3,000 word maximum length, no theme required
Creative Nonfiction/ Memoir: 2,500 word maximum
Poetry: 3-5 pages of poetry (double-spaced)

Submission Fee: $20/Non-Members $15/WNBA Members

Submit your work here 

Featured Member Interview

BOOKTALK! The Buzz in the World of Books

Meg Waite Clayton 

Written by Catharine Bramkamp

Meg Waite ClaytonWe are so proud of Meg Waite Clayton! Her well researched novel, The Race for Paris hit the San Francisco Chronicle/NCIBA bestseller list in its 1st week out. How wonderful is that? The book is fiction, but based on ten years of research and on again, off again writing. 

“I did a tremendous amount of research on real journalists like Lee Miller, who reported and photographed for Vogue, Martha Gellhorn, Lee Carson, and Sonia Tomara, the great photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White (who was never accredited to Normandy, as she was seen as too temperamental), and Dickey Chappelle, who photographed in the Pacific.

“I chose to draw on their real lives but fictionalize them, as that allowed me to gather a wide range of experiences and load them into a couple characters, which allowed me to build the challenges the real women faced into a story with a more classic story arc and narrative drive that might not always be there in real life but helps carry the reader along. But the scene in the operating room in the opening chapter, for example, was inspired by an experience Bourke-White had in Italy. A much later scene is inspired by a moment Martha Gellhorn had in France. I drew heavily from the writings of Lee Miller, the letters of Martha Gellhorn, and the extensive interviews with the women correspondents, which the Women’s Press Corps had the brilliant idea to record while these extraordinary women were still alive.

Adventuring Women: Books to Explore and Share

Elise MillerIntroductory Remarks by Elise Miller for the event Adventuring Women: Books to Explore and Share
WNBA-SF Member / Author Panel held on October 29th, 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the Bookshop West Portal, San Francisco as part of National Reading Group Month, 2015.

For details on each author, her books, and the event, see the post October Readings ‘Round the Bay

First off, I have to point out something that made my task of defining themes both more difficult and more interesting: these three authors work in different genres. Lisa Alpine’s stories are memoirs and her central protagonist is herself; Carole Bumpus’s work is fictionalized memoir and history. Martha Conway’s work is historical novel, conceived out of her research and imagination.

I sometimes think that just being alive is a risky adventure. And one sentence could define the act of writing stories or novels, whether or not they are true stories: “Protagonist overcomes obstacles to reach desired goals.”

So if all life is an adventure, and all stories are adventures of a sort, then what sets apart our three authors here who tell tales about “adventuring women?”

To read more, click HERE. 



WNBA SF Chapter Board Contact Info Join-Now_btr6my6_0

WNBA 2015-2016 BOARD

President: Kate Farrell
Vice President: Vicki DeArmon, Chair, Pitch-O-Rama 2016
Vice President: Sherry Nadworny, Chair, National Reading Group Month 2015
Treasurer: Herma Lichtenstein
Secretary: Julaina Kleist-Corwin
Membership Chair: MacKenzie Davis
Past President: Linda Lee
Member at Large: Mary Knippel, Chair, Nat’l Board Meeting
Member at Large: Catharine BramkampFeatured Member Interview Editor
Member at Large: Glenda Carroll
Member at Large: Martha ConwayBookwoman Correspondent
Member at Large: KJ Landis, Chair,
Meet the WNBA Expert
Member at Large: Julia Park Tracey, 
Social Media Manager, Co-Chair Pitch-O-Rama 2016
Member at Large: Cathy Turney
Member at Large: Joan Gelfand, Nat’l WNBA Chair, Chapter Development

Web Editor: Simona Carini
Webmaster: Linda Lee, askmepc-webdesign


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