Program 2017-2018


The WNBA: Connecting, educating, advocating and leading in the literary community since 1917!

The Women’s National Book Association was established in 1917 and celebrated the organization’s centennial in 2017 with a series of literary events nationwide, a publication celebrating the history of women in the world of books, a list of 100 essential books by women authors, and a grant to a non-profit literacy organization.


San Francisco Chapter: 2018-19 Program

October 13th: WNBA-SF hosts the National Reading Group Month Book Passage, Ferry Building, San Francisco “Pushing Boundaries – Stories of Border Crossings, Love, Courage and the Indomitable Human Spirit”

October 19th: WNBA-SF Book Marketing Pros Panel: Mechanics’ Institute Library, San Francisco; Join three promotional and marketing experts who are there to give you highly effective bookselling tips and tools.

Board Members at work planning the upcoming Fall Program, May 2018

L to R: Jan Schmuckler, Mary Volmer, Joan Gelfand, Brenda Knight, Sue Wilhite. Standing: Elise Marie Collins