Sharon McElhone

Sharon McElhoneSharon McElhone is the author of five books: The Bride’s Daughter, a collection of short stories (2005); Hunger in the Canyon (2006), a collection of poems and semi-finalist for the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award competition; A Year in the Life of Pallas Villalobos (2010), a novel; My Baby Talking Mouth, a collection of poems (2011); Hide All Things That Make Her Human, a collection of poems (2013). From Hunger in the Canyon, “Ciara: Courtship” was a finalist for Atlanta Review’s International Poetry Competition 2008. She co-founded Orchard Valley Review, a San Jose State University student run magazine and co-edited Mary Andrade’s Dia De Los Muertos-A Passion for Life, which won “Best Documentary” at the Los Angeles International Latino Book Awards. Her articles have appeared in La Oferta Review, Orchard Valley Review, The Cupertino Courier, The Sunnyvale Sun; and her fiction has appeared in The New Short Fiction Series, Los Angeles, and Label Me Latina/o. Notable figures interviewed include Mayor Chuck Reed, Former Vice-Mayor and Supervisor Cindy Chavez, Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, Representative Zoe Lofgren, Air Force pilot Kim Campbell, and Supervisor Dave Cortese. She was the keynote speaker for La Rosa, a program dedicated to increasing college attendance among Latina students. Sharon is half Ecuadorian and half Irish and lives in Silicon Valley with her husband and children. Currently, she is working on a collection of essays and poems.