Ricky Weisbroth

ricky weisbrothRicky Weisbroth, who sometimes thinks of herself as The Bear That Wasn’t, is a recluse who periodically emerges from her den to engage with a restive world. She has hitchhiked across the United States and Canada at least five times and has, as well, raised a thumb in the Netherlands, Nepal, Mexico and Peru. At the age of 42 she straddled a two-wheeler for the first time in about twenty years and co-authored Bicycling Mexico (Hunter Publishing).

Ricky is a founding member of Project Artaud, one of the country’s oldest and largest artist-owned live/work organizations, and has served on its Board of Directors and as Treasurer. A self-trained artist, her most visible undertaking to date is a 65-ft. long mural on the corner of Alabama and 17th Streets in San Francisco.

But Ricky started out in publishing and to some aspect of publishing has always returned. As a receptionist and secretary at Harcourt, Brace & World, at the age of 19 she won the dubious distinction award for being personally fired by then-president William Jovanovich. Since then she has earned her loaves of bread, mostly, as a freelance book editor. She has held national office as Trustee in the National Writers Union and as Treasurer in its Local 12.

Ricky divides her personal time between artwork and writing. Professionally, she does developmental and copy editing in addition to critiquing manuscripts and coaching writers. She has participated as a freelance editor at the S.F. Writers Conference for seven years.