Humaira Ghilzai

Humaira GhilzaiHumaira Ghilzai is a writer, blogger and social activist dedicated to bringing people together across cultures through stories of her homeland, Afghanistan. Born and raised in Kabul, Humaira and her family fled Afghanistan and became one of many nameless refugees escaping the Russian invasion. It’s these stories and personal experiences that have inspired her novel UNRAVELING VEIL. Humaira lectures about Afghanistan, its people and gender equality issues. Humaira’s cultural advocacy ranges from Cultural Consulting with theater and film productions to her Afghan culture and food blog, Afghan Culture Unveiled.  Humaira has travelled to six continents and 37 countries. She has hiked to Everest Base Camp, around Annapurna, up Mount Kenya, and in the Swiss Alps. In her free time, she cooks,walks her dog Cleo, practices chi-gong and mindfulness meditation. Humaira lives in San