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Written by KJ Landis

The WNBA, San Francisco Chapter has a plethora of savvy, wise women who are experts in every area of the publishing, editing, marketing, writing, legal, and coaching world. These members shared their expertise with no holds barred this past week at the India Clay Oven on Clement Street in San Francisco. To appreciate the high caliber of each expert, read the Meet WNBA Experts: Roundtable Luncheon announcement.

Meet the Experts Roundtable With registration limited to forty, an eager group of women took over the private back room: we ate, laughed, learned, and opened our hearts and minds to the possibilities that we may push our projects of passion forward in the writing arena. There was no room to be shy with the Q & A; every thirty minutes we moved on to the next round table to meet another expert who would encourage and assist us with our dreams.

Melissa Riley Everyone has a story to tell, and we women statistically have been published less often than men. The roundtable discussions allowed us to see if our stories, both fiction and non-fiction, would serve the world better through traditional publishing or through self-publishing. We were guided to know the laws around protecting our content. We learned if we needed an agent or we could go directly to a publisher. The librarian in the group told us how many writers are published authors in the Bay Area (a lot), and how to approach getting our books into the public library system. Being an author hopefully leads to speaking engagements; a communications expert took away our fears of public speaking with her valuable tips.

Brenda Knight All of the experts are award winning published authors themselves, leaders in the industry. I am a published author and workshop facilitator, who prays that one day I will not be holding down two jobs in order to support my writing and workshop events. The women experts showed me it is plausible, tangible, and very real. Now I see my future. It is clear and bright.

We plan on making this a yearly event that will prepare WNBA members to shift to a positive space in the writing world. The power of women in the world of words can move mountains. We can take the steps together, at events like this, and then support each other on the writing journey.

Bon Voyage!

KJ Landis, event chair

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