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Interview by Nina Lesowitz

KJ Landis, member interviewFour-time author and wellness coach KJ Landis joined WNBA-SF and hit the ground running by joining the board and taking responsibility for key roles in events including Pitch-O-Rama. The founder of Superior Self, she shares some tips for her high-energy approach to life and work.

“My work with Superior Self is a combination of researching the latest data on nutrient-dense foods and its relationship to hormone health as well as their effects on overall health. I focus on taking my clients on a journey away from the ‘Standard American Diet’ and toward a grain-free, sugar-free diet.

“My workshops are all about deciphering ingredient labels, ridding the mind of negative thoughts, meditation, chocolate and dessert making, fermented food education, essential oils, and more.”

KJ’s latest book, to be released in August 2017, is titled Happy Healthy You. Her first book, Superior Self: Reaching Superior Health for a Superior Self, describes her fat loss story, the basics of nutrition, and four anti-cancer healing therapies that are food-based. It also has a simple guide to wellness from within that is a transition to a grain-free and sugar-free eating style in baby steps. Her second book, Eat Well, Be Well: Your 9 Week Solution for Real Health Right Now, features questions for the reader to answer in journal style.

How to Clean up Your Life When the $#!+ Hits the Fan is a self-help book for those seeking to get unstuck from past trauma and drama that are keeping them from moving toward their life goals.

She describes her journey to become a workshop facilitator and author:

“Five years ago I had a midlife crisis of sorts and decided to lose the extra fat around my body. When I lost the fat, I began researching the latest science about maintaining fat loss, at the time the Paleo eating style was beginning to emerge. I found studies of four anti-cancer healing therapies that were food based and that did not require expensive medical treatments.

“Doctors and scientists had been successfully treating chronic conditions and cancers with them. But since the food based therapies didn’t make the money that chemotherapy does, with the machines and manpower needed for the medical industry, these studies were suppressed and not widely accepted. The funny thing was, the foods I ate for fat loss were the same foods in the four anti-cancer healing therapies.” 

Landis was asked to coach friends and family to their better health and said ‘yes!’

“Soon I was asked to be a guest on a podcast and the ball rolled from there. I had a lot of notes in a shoebox under my bed. One night my husband asked me to get the notes out from under the bed. I said: Sure, I would put them in the basement. He laughed and said that he meant: No, get them out from under the bed, that I had an obligation to share the truth with the world. I had to write a book.”

Landis has some helpful advice to members who are contemplating writing a nonfiction title:

“For women who want to publish a nonfiction title, my advice is to do your research. Unless it is memoir, the public library or the internet is your close friend. I used to visit up to five libraries a day. Women do so much for others. We are busy. How do we fit time in for our writing? My greatest flaw and stressor is that I have to be very early everywhere I go. This has turned out to be my greatest ally in writing. I have a few Dollar Store notebooks in the car at all times. I have a few library books in my car at all times. When I arrive early, usually an hour early so I can relax about not being late, I research and write. That is my advice. Get everywhere early and you have built-in time for writing every day.

Beside books, Personal Wellness and Life Coach KJ Landis writes a blog and a newsletter and leads free events at libraries, senior centers, and in private homes. Details on her website www.superiorselfwithkjlandis.com 

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