WNBA SF Chapter Board Members

WNBA 2018-2020 BOARD

President: Brenda Knight

Vice President: Elise Marie Collins

Treasurer: A. Leslie Noble

Secretary: Kathleen Archambeau

Membership Chair: Julianne Reidy

Board Development: Sheryl Bize-Boutte 

Member at Large: Fran Quittel, Marketing

Member at Large: Mary Volmer, Events Co-Chair

Member at Large: Nicole Wong, Events Co-Chair

Member at Large: Joan Gelfand, Nat’l WNBA Chair, Chapter Development

Past President: Kate Farrell


Web Editor: Sue Wilhite

Featured Member Interview Editor: Nita Sweeney

Featured Member Interview Editor: Dr Susan Allison

Social Media/Member Outreach: Elise Marie Collins

Newsletter Editor: Brenda Knight

Bookwoman Correspondent: Jennifer Griffith

Webmaster: Linda Lee


WNBA-SF Chapter

4061 E. Castro Valley Blvd

Castro Valley, Ca 94552


LtoR: Kate Farrell, Jan Schmuckler, Elise Marie Collins, Sue Wilhite, Brenda Knight

San Francisco Chapter was founded in 1968.

Women’s National Book Association: Connecting, Educating, Advocating, and Leading in the Literary Community since 1917.